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Compaction is caused by everyday foot traffic, children playing in the yard, pet traffic, or furniture and other objects that remain on the lawn. Soil composition is also a factor, especially clay soils which can tend to be more compacted than other types. Many new neighborhoods in the Tidewater area end up with compacted soils due to construction and multiple homes being built at the same time.

A lawn with compacted soil will tend to need more watering over the summer to stay green and also does not have as vibrant a green color. Lawn Aeration with a core aerator loosens compacted soil, increasing its ability to transfer air, water and nutrients to the root system – therefore making your grass healthier. A core aerator machine removes plugs of soil to relieve soil compaction. The plugs of soil stay on the top of the soil and usually break down over time – usually from 2 days to 2 weeks.

 Most lawns in our area benefit greatly from a core aeration each year. Either spring or fall is a great time to aerate your lawn. Aerating in the spring also gives you the benefit of “waking” up the lawn from the cold winter weather and prompts it to start greening up.


Lawn Doctor’s Hybrid Lawn Care Program


Lawn Doctor has a Hybrid program that works on improving your soil over time without the chore of renovating your lawn and bringing in topsoil.  The Hybrid program consists of a Spring Core Aeration, Spring Soil Enrichment application and Fall Soil Enrichment Application.  These services are provided in conjunction with our Classic Lawn Care program.  Although this program continually improves the soil  over time, homeowners see immediate improvement even in the first year!

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