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Even the healthiest lawn can get sick or suffer from a lawn disease. The severity is related to the environment and how the lawn is managed. Most lawn diseases in our area occur under hot, humid conditions. The occurrence and severity of lawn diseases varies from year to year. Often, diseases will run their course without causing serious damage. The most important thing to remember about diseases is that minimizing additional stresses can help prevent diseases altogether and can minimize their severity once they occur

Brown Patch is a fungal disease which is active when temperatures are in the 80 to 95 degree range with extended periods of wet or very humid weather. Severe infestations will cause the lawn to develop brown irregular patches, thus the name. Most serious damage is found when stress caused by disease activity is combined with additional stresses, such as: over watering that keeps the lawn too moist, poor drainage, mower damage such as a dull blade, compaction, and heavy traffic. 

In our area the two most common causes on home lawns are over watering that keeps the lawn too moist and mower damage from either a dull blade or mowing too fast or when wet. The fungus then enters the grass plant through the shredded blade, especially if there is moisture present.

For lawns that experience major problems with Brown Patch, Lawn Doctor offers a Preventative Disease Program which can help minimize disease problems.

Dollar Spot is disease that affects all warm season grasses. It first appears as a lesion on the grass blade as it consumes the blade, silver dollar size circles are noticeable in the lawn. Dollar Spot occurs during periods of low soil moisture and low nitrogen fertility.

To control Dollar Spot maintain good soil fertility using a quality lawn fertilizer containing both fast and slow release nitrogen. Avoid mowing the lawn when it is wet and maintain a sharp mowing blade.

Ways to Help Control These Diseases from Invading Your Lawn in Chesapeake, VA:

  • Avoid mowing the turf when it is wet
  • When Mowing, maintain a sharp blade
  • Use a quality lawn fertilizer to maintain good soil fertility
  • Have a Core Aeration done on your lawn to increase air circulation
  • Water your lawn thoroughly only 2-3 times a week in the early morning – not evening.

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